Why Go On A Mission Trip With Sports & Rec Plus?

Have you ever been on a trip and had your flight canceled, lost your passport or driver’s license, luggage was damaged, couldn’t speak the language, or other mishaps?  If so, then you know how much worse such inconveniences are when you are away from home, whether in the U.S. or in another country.  We at Sports & Rec Plus can’t guarantee that such things won’t happen on one of our trips, but we can guarantee you that we will be there to help if it does.

We have the experience 

The President of Sports & Rec Plus is Rev. Rick Mitchell.  He and his wife, Barbara were missionaries in the Philippines for 8½ years.  He has been to over 46 countries on four continents spreading the Gospel. He has also worked extensively in the U.S. helping churches in outreach to their communities.  Our sole purpose is to help and equip you to share Jesus in another place. Our desire is to partner with God to help make your mission trip experience hassle-free, ministry-packed, and life-changing.

We take care of everything

We arrange for your travel, housing, food, materials, currency exchange, and make sure your host has arranged for all your onsite ministry activities.  We even help arrange your passport and visas, and train your people so they will be effective and have a good experience.  All you do is pray and pack. 

Your money will go farther

We know how hard it is to get the money together for a mission trip.  You can be sure that with Sports & Rec Plus you will be getting the best rates available.  You also have a choice of trips with a variety of price ranges and itineraries. 

You will spend time with nationals

The big idea behind our mission trips is that you spread the Gospel to those who live in the country to which you are going.  Your time with people from other mission groups or with missionaries will be kept to a minimum or not at all. You will, however, spend day after day, with citizens of the country to which you have chosen to minister.  Where needed, we will make sure translators are provided to help you communicate most effectively. 

You will make new friends

As your people rub shoulders with those of a different country, they will make new friends.  They will even learn some basic foreign language skills like; “Hello,” “Good-bye,” “Thank you,” and so forth. In short, they will bond with the people they serve.

Your folks will grow in their faith

There is nothing like a mission trip to stretch you.  When you enter unfamiliar surroundings your faith will grow as you learn to rely on God for all aspects of your life and the trip. 

It’s fun, too.

Many people who have never experienced a mission trip believe it to be a very undesirable way to spend their vacation time.  Once you go on such a trip, however, you will discover that the real sacrifice is not in going on the trip, but in returning home from where you served.  A mission trip is a fun-filled, spiritual growth experience.