Day Camping

Preparation is the Key to a Super Day Camp

Few activities can reach kids and their families like a Day Camp can.  When you reach the kid, he/she becomes a door into the rest of the family.


If you want to hold a Day Camp, begin by praying. Prayer is the under girding power behind your camp. From the initial planning to the final praises for the camp, it is prayer that will build the camp and sustain its leaders.


Talk to your Pastor, recreation committee, and any others who might need to know about your plans for the Day Camp. Remember, if you are just starting a Day Camping ministry you will need the support of everyone you can find.

Spiritual Preparation

You must prepare the church for the Day Camp. It is important that everyone know that you are not just planning a fun time for kids in the out-of-doors. Instead, you are holding an outreach event for kids and their families.  Be sure the Day Camp is listed in the Church Prayer Calendar and prayed for often.

Selecting and Training Counselors

Selecting camp staff will take time, but a well-selected staff will insure the smooth running of the camp and avoid many problems.  Look for staff within the membership of your church, first.  Members of your church will have the most commitment to see your church reach the day campers with the Gospel and involve them in your church afterwards.  Other sources of workers are local college student ministries, your denominational office, and other churches. Remember that each worker should be a Christian and an active member of their church.

Choosing Curriculum

The curriculum and activities that you choose for the Day Camp have a direct correlation with the success of the camp. Material should be chosen in line with your theme. Make sure that there is a strong salvation emphasis in the material. Failure in this aspect will mean that the purpose for the day Camp will be missed.

A Day Camp can be a powerful tool to reach kids and their families with the Good News of Jesus.  Pray and plan and you will see God bless, as may lives will be changed by the Power of the Gospel.


Follow-up takes place after the camp is over.  Follow-up is going into the homes of the campers, inviting their family to your church, and telling the family members about Jesus. Preparing for the follow-up before the camp begins helps cement the real purpose of the camp into the hearts and minds of your church members.  Never forget that the harvest is in the follow-up.