SHARE Evangelism

SHARE Institute, International
by Barbara Mitchell, with Rick Mitchell

What is SHARE?

SHARE is an acronym for Serving Him And Reaching Everyone. Admittedly, that is a big goal, but worth striving toward. We serve Christ by ministering to all kinds of people, with the goal of reaching everyone in the world with the message of Christ. Our focus is mainly on the impoverished Third World people groups; but the principles are applicable to any situation. Impoverished people are hungering for skills to enhance their lives economically; but perhaps they don’t know they are also hungering for the abundant life. People of greater financial means may be looking for leisure activities to fill the void that only Christ can fill. In that regard we utilize the bridge of livelihood skills training or crafts instruction to create a hunger for a relationship with Christ. That hunger is satisfied through the follow-up Bible studies.
  • Can God use even me?
  • Can I learn to be an effective witness?
  • Am I really called to be a world-changer?
  • Has God gifted me with talents for His service?
  • But I’m afraid.
  • Memorizing scripture is so hard.
  • I don’t know the right words to say.
  • Can my lifestyle become a witness for Christ?
If you can relate to any of these statements, then SHARE Evangelism is here to help.

SHARE Evangelism will:

  • Guide you to discover your skill and how you can use it for witnessing;
  • Prepare you to teach in an unfamiliar or foreign culture;
  • Reaffirm appropriate Christian vocabulary;
  • Encourage prayer without ceasing;
  • Reassure you of your ability to witness now, even if you think you are not ready;
  • Enhance teaching and demonstration techniques; and
  • Help you incorporate easy “as you go” witnessing into your lifestyle.

SHARE Evangelism uses livelihood skills training or personal development as a tool to open the door for witnessing. Examples of these tools include cooking/baking, sewing, various needlecrafts, jewelry, calligraphy, flower arranging, cake decorating, candy making, greeting cards, framing, photography, leather craft, auto repair, carpentry/woodworking, principles of cottage industry, and many others.  The approach to witnessing is unique.

SHARE Training

SHARE Evangelism training is available now on this site.  You will need a passcode to access the Training Manual PDF file and the PowerPoint presentations for each chapter.  It is available for the discounted price of US$9.95, but other arrangements can be made based on circumstances.  Please contact Barbara by email at  Include your full name, physical address, cell or phone, and the name of your church and we will respond quickly – at least within 24-48 hours.

The training consists of four sessions of two-and-a-half hours each.  In it you will find the tools you need to become an effective witness for Christ as well as an expert leader and teacher.  Even if you have never done either, you will find this "as-you-go" method of personal evangelism – using the skills you already have – easily becomes a part of who you are.  Jump in with both feet and join the advanture.  There is a world out there waiting just for you and what you have – skills and Jesus.