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Helping you reach the world for Christ.


Sports & Rec Plus is a worldwide Church Planting ministry that equips churches, individual Christians, and mission organizations to go into areas where there is no gospel and no church.   Then, begin recreation activities, build relationships, start Bible studies, and as God leads, plant churches.


In the world today, the most terrifying news a lost person can hear is that God loves them.  Terrifying because lost people do not love God, and this poses a problem.  Thus, the question is, “How can a person who has no love for God, who is lost, begin a relationship with Him, ask Him to forgive them of their sins, get to Heaven, and be there with Him forever?”

This is a problem that no human can solve alone.  Because people without Christ are lost. They need help?  This is where Sports & Rec Plus comes in.  Sports & Rec Plus is a worldwide ministry of evangelism and church planting.  We bring the Good News to those who have never accepted Jesus as their Savior.  We tell them how they can have their sins forgiven, get to God, and begin a relationship with God.

It is a FOUR step journey.

First, Sports & Rec Plus goes into areas where there is no Christianity, church, and no or few Christians.  We begin activities, such as, sports, arts & crafts, community events, games, cooking classes, teaching agriculture, and the like, to draw a crowd.  When we do this, we like to partner with a church in a neighboring area so we can train them to eventually do this in the new area and in other communities.

Second, through these activities relationships are built and then friendships with the people in the area.   Our goal is to give people what they want-fun and games- in order to give them what they really need-the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Third, when we are asked, “Why would you come to this place and do these things?”  We respond that we are glad to be here and that we love Jesus and want to share that love. That begins to open the door so we can begin Bible studies and teach them about Jesus and the salvation He offers.  

Fourth, as a result of having Bible studies with these folks and building these new friendships we pray that God will soon start a church.  Once the new church begins, we start discipling the new Believers and training leadership for the new church.  This takes time and more ministry work.  

Sports & Rec Plus is the umbrella ministry which covers all our work.
SHARE - Serving Him And Reaching Everyone - is the backbone of our work.  All training and outreach is centered in the SHARE Ministry, which encompasses SHARE Evangelism, SHARE Institute, SHARE sports, SHARE Printing, and SHARE “whatever is needed.”

Go ye therefore.
We all must go.
Wherever there are people.
In good and not so good times.
By all means.
"Into all the world."
"Above ground"
Sharing and following Jesus for Salvation
"Teaching them to do all things I have commanded you."
Following Jesus step by step. never stops.

Next Mission Trip

71. Bujumbura, Burundi   -   June 21-July 5, 2023

This Mission Trip will be a teaching and preaching trip.  Both  President Rick Mitchell and First Vice-president Rod Morris will be involved with teaching and preaching  the Gospel and training and discipling the Believers.   In addition we will be involved in sports evangelism, skills training, SHARE ministry, medical ministry, and more.  

This mission trip will be both in person and on Zoom.  Contact us for more information by "Clicking" below on "browse mission trips."

COST: $3,000.00 

State of the World

The Unreached

The world's population is currently estimated at 6.5 billion people. Approximately one third of the population (31%) identify as Christian, though only 680 million (11.5%) are Evangelicals (bible-reading Christians).

Unfortunately, 1.8 billion people (28%) are still considered Unreached, even though Christian work occurs among most of them.  These 6,400 people groups worldwide still need missionaries to plant Christ's church among them.

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