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Sports & Rec Plus is a worldwide Church Planting ministry that equips churches, individual Christians, and mission organizations to go into areas where there is no gospel and no church.   Then, begin recreation activities, build relationships, start Bible studies, and as God leads, plant churches.

Next Mission Trip


This Mission Trip includes all members of the family and all ages.  Kids will play a variety of sports (mainly soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball) with Trinidadian kids.  Kids will be involved in all facets of the mission trip.  They will get to see God change lives through varied activities.

Adults, with or without your family, will be involved in house-to-house visitation, a nightly crusade, soccer/basketball clinics & games, and tract distribution.  All members of the mission trip will have ample opportunities to Share the Gospel and see people become Christians.

COST: $1,500.00

State of the World

The Unreached

The world's population is currently estimated at 6.5 billion people. Approximately one third of the population (31%) identify as Christian, though only 680 million (11.5%) are Evangelicals (bible-reading Christians).

Unfortunately, 1.8 billion people (28%) are still considered Unreached, even though Christian work occurs among most of them.  These 6,400 people groups worldwide still need missionaries to plant Christ's church among them.

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