Trinidad and Tobago

July 9-17, 2016

My name is Kyle Houston.  Thank you for letting me tell you a little bit about my Mission trip to Trinidad and Tabago the week of July 9th – 17th.  We left on Saturday, July 9th my mom took my Grandfather and me to the Atlanta Airport to leave for a week in Trainidad.  The airports are always fun with going through security and just watching the people.  We traveled from Atlanta to Miami where we met up with April Jones from Camden Tennessee who also went with us.

We arrived in Trinidad & Tobago very late Saturday night.  Then we had to ride for two more hours to Point Fortin to Pastor Roddie's house and church.  The name of his church is Mt. Beulah Evangelical Baptist Church. We stayed at the pastor’s house and I had a nice big bed and air conditioning.  The Pastor's wife, Mamma Stella cooked all our meals.  She makes the best spaghetti!

On Sunday, my Grandfather preached and I gave my testimony.  I was scared at first, but I prayed and God helped me.  In afternoon we rested and ate lunch at Pastor's Roddie's house. In the evening we went to a church and my Grandfather preached and I gave my testimony. It was hot. Many people from the church came to us and thanked us for coming.  

The week we were there was very busy.

On Monday, we went to the same church that we were at on Sunday night and began a week long VBS.  We showed a Bible video and had Bible study each day and then snacks and craft time.  
Each day, by the time we finished VBS, cleaned the church and rode back to Roddie's house, all we had time for was lunch, rest, and get ready for the evening Crusade. April Jones and I shared our testimonies each night.  For several nights I also shared my favorite Bible verses and told about the verses and what they meant to me.  The Crusade was for 6 nights.

On Sunday and Monday evenings we went to the area where the Pastor wants to plant a new church this year.  My Grandfather preached and of course I gave my testimony and we passed out tracts door-to-door. Missionary work its hard work. You work a lot, but do not always see results.  There are so many people who are not Christians.  It made me sad.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we went to the town where we planted a church last year. The people have put up six poles to build a church building on. Pastor James is still the pastor.  The church is still very small.  It was good to see what they had done since last year.

On Thursday and Friday evenings we went to Pastor's Roddie's church in Point Fortin.  His is the main church in the area.  We also gave out a lot of tracts.  One problem with going door-to-door is all the stray dogs.  But, fortunately none of the dogs were hungry, so none bit us.

On Thursday morning at VBS, Pastor Roddie and Big Dad shared about Jesus and the Plan of Salvation.  Six kids came forward to accept Christ and another 20 came forward wanting to know more about accepting Christ as Savior.  It was great.

On Friday morning we all went fishing.  I caught a rag and a fish.  However, even though I caught the fish four times, he got away each time.  I will get him next year.  He was the largest fish anyone caught that morning.

Saturday was our sightseeing and shopping day.  The mall was big.  The food court had lots of places to eat.  Also, we found a souvenir store and book store.  I bought a new Bible for me to use.

On Sunday we got up early, ate breakfast and left for the airport at 9:00 a.m.   From the Port-of-Spain airport, we had a good but long trip back to Atlanta.

I am glad I got to go on this my second Mission Trip.  Thank you for helping me with your prayers and money.  I plan to go next year.  I hope many of you can go too.